Toast the King Chapters


“RECLAIMING our voices to PROCLAIM His greatness and power from the inside out.”
…to strengthen one another through praise, hope and inspiration.

Starting in 2018, we have shifted our emphasis from gathering women in numerous local chapters to targeting our efforts to continue our philanthropy work to India.  Toast the King served it’s purpose to grow our base and we have now launched to being a Nation Builder and bridge.

Toast the King has been vital to Mighty Women of Vision’s outreach program and is the reason for where we are today.    Here is a back drop of the accomplishments of TTK.

Toast the King served two purposes:

1. TTK gathered faith based women together to bring unity of community through inspiration, hope, strength and courage through the gift of our hands, feet, heart and voices.  We worship and shared God’s word through a guest speaker.  Each person had time to share during our table discussion time.

2. TTK also helped promote women in the marketplace by allowing (limited space) vendor tables.

In today’s world, women can find themselves disoriented, displaced, and disenfranchised.  We need a place to extravagantly love and support one another and offer refreshment and renewal.

Through the years chaptered opened in Eugene, Albany, Florence, Roseburg, Salem, Corvallis, Newport and Coos Bay, Oregon.  We also had a chapter in Sugar Notch, Pennsylvania.

Toast the King International chapters in India.

I’m extremely happy with the fruit that has come from our efforts working in many communities that started chapters.


Last year’s outdoor event:  August 25th, 2015 7:00 at the villa.






July 28, 2015, TTK gathering in Salem, Oregon

TTK Salem worshiping TTK Salem view








July 8th, 2015 TTK gathering at the Thompson’s:

TTK - Thompsons - 2nd pic TTK - Thompson's - dancers TTK Thompson's - Carrie









June 10th, 2015 TTK gathering at the Villa Ingenieux pictures:

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What does Toast the King look like in action?

  1. Open with a toast to the King: One person speaks a toast. Example:”Heavenly Father, we declare and proclaim your goodness and power.” Everyone else raises their goblet to the King and then greet and bless one another. Example as you go around the room to toast one another: “Bless you” or “The Lord loves you.”    We follow the prayer with a worship song or two.
  2. Worship
  3. Word – Spotlight Speaker: one person will prepare a 25 minute presentation; either a personal testimony, Bible truth, or an encouraging event.  All we ask is that whatever is spoken will be an encouragement to the hearer.
  4. Power Table Talk Time: Each individual will have a several minutes to share whatever is on their heart.  Prayer is given if someone would like to receive support and prayer.
  5. Close with prayer.


Would you like to start a Toast the KIng chapter in your area? Toast the King is the starting place. Let’s chat! Elizabeth Thompson, 541.654.2330,