House of Vision Orphanage

House of Vision started in 2014 when Elizabeth Thompson and Elizabeth Wodila had a conversation and finding a common desire of the heart to provide a home for the homeless in Tororo, Uganda where the Wodila’s pastor a church.  They provide a feeding program in their area for widows and orphans.  Elizabeth Wodila found it heart breaking to feed “true orphans” and then watch them walk away homeless.  Mighty Women of Vision is partnering with the Wodila’s.  God is answering Elizabeth’s years of prayer for an orphanage.
If you would like to be a $35.00 a month sponsor for a child in Tororo, Uganda, contact Elizabeth at  Your monthly donation provides food, shelter, clothing, education, love and a home for “true orphans” and young teen girls who otherwise would become a “Child Bride.”
 “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.
James 1:27 (NIV)
Message delivered to Elizabeth by Betty Wodila 2/15
“The girls are doing very well I was with them this evening giving them new panties,pencils and other little goodies,they call me mom,when I arrive they all fall on me, oh Liz my heart is so fulfilled.
I decided to take them to a school that has been opened very close so that they do not have to move a long distance it is a private school better education but higher fees,so I am blessed when I hear that more money has come in. I felt that we needed to give them better education.I brought the boy also after their mother died and I left one brother there but he is also not going to school.
The little boy I brought I asked some one to keep him for me until I get where to put the boys when money comes in, I have a young lady who is helping out in taking care of them and I pat her 20 dollars every month she also needed a lot of help because she ended getting a man to help her out at a very early age of 18 after making her pregnant he kicked her out out so I do have her with her little baby.
I also have another little girl about 14 years who failed to get fees to continue am praying that she will be able to get sponsership some day. If you get any chance of any one who wants to donate dresses, panties, toothpaste, or anything for the girls, please give them to Moses. Also, if any one wants to donate towards the widows that will be wonderful.”

Do you like to hear God divine encounter stories to build your faith?As many of you know, MWOV will be partnering with Pastor Moses and Betty Wodila, Ebenezer Gospel Ministries (, in Tororo, Uganda.  A few years ago, I came across Moses’ web site and liked what he was doing and his heart to have a Christian family ministry. I did a “like” on his face book page and over time totally forgot about it. The following year, MWOV, set up a prayer tent at the Supernatural fest in Eugene. A woman from Uganda, Betty Wodila, was invited to Eugene by “Say Yes Ministry” and was next to our tent. She came over to visit and we had much in common wanting to help women and children in our areas. I invited her to speak at Toast the King and our radio program. Betty wanted to shop at a thrift store to take clothing back to women in her village so I took her to Teen Challenge on River Road. The managers were so kind and didn’t charge us anything for four carts full of clothing. That evening, I did a shout out for Teen Challenge on face book. The following morning, I received a comment saying, “The woman you are talking about from Uganda is my wife.” I was perplexed and was wondering how someone from Uganda could have seen my post. I went to Moses’ facebook page and then remembered we were fb friends. Talk about a needle in a haystack story, this is one of those or better said . . . A divine God appointment!I have kept in touch with Betty and she expressed wanting to start a Toast the King chapter in Uganda. Recently, I asked her if there was a problem with “Child Brides” in her area. We talked about how we could give parents an alternative to selling their daughters at an early age of 12-14 into marriage. Betty has been praying for years to start and orphanage so we talked about combining the orphanage with “true orphans” and young girls that would become “Child Brides.” For the older girls, we are using the term “boarding school.”After much prayer and asking for wisdom, we are excited to announce our small beginnings of an orphanage/boarding home for 10 girls.

So far, five girls have been identified as needing a place right now. The parents of these girls are either dead, or soon to die or have abandoned their children.

Both of Ida’s parents have died. Her mother passed away in April of kidney cancer. Oliver’s mother will die soon of cervical cancer and her father passed away some years ago.  Robinah is homeless as her mother is crazy with a mental illness and has abandoned her daughter. She has not had a father in her life. Sarah’s mother is disabled and is no longer able to care for her.

Presently, Pastor Moses and Betty have a feeding program for widows and orphans through their church. They easily feed up to 300 women and children at a time. It’s devastating for Betty to see the orphans in line and not have a home to offer these children. We can change that and help provide the Gospel, loving shelter, food, clothing and education to these girls.

Can I count on you to partner with us as a sponsor for $35.00 a month for one child or more? For most of us, this is forgoing eating out once a month or not buying coffee each month. It’s a small sacrifice with unprecedented benefits for these children. If this is an area that is tugging on you, God will find a way for the money to be there.

Elizabeth Thompson

 SarahRobinahOlivermoreenIMG_2227 Uganda
Believers, we are mandated to help those around us and to go out into the nations and help those less fortunate.  Is your vision vast or small?  Do you carry awareness for those you do not see?  Whether we see or not, we can’t overlook the plight of poverty and injustice around the world.

MWOV partners with local and global ministries to be their hands, feet, heart and voice of Jesus.


Would you consider partnering with us in coming alongside these orphans?  For $35.00 a month, you will sponsor a child’s education, shelter, food, clothing, the Gospel and love.  No donation is too big or too small.  We are a nonprofit and you would receive a thank you letter with our tax ID number for tax purposes. Thank you for prayerfully considering what God would have you do.

 All for His glory,
This is Bena . . . she is 16 years old.  Her parents could not support her so the other alternative was to marry her off.  The other alternative was provided by our orphanage.  We offer a boarding orphanage where the young adults can stay, continue with their education, receive food, shelter, clothing, support and love.  If you would like to partner with her support, please be a sponsor for $35.00 a month.
orphanage Bena
Recent picture, October 2016, of our kids in Tororo, Uganda

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