MWOV Toast the King Leadership


Liz founder mwovElizabeth Thompson: Director of chapters

Elizabeth is passionate about raising up women leaders for God’s kingdom.  She is the Founder and Executive Director of Mighty Women of Vision.  TTK is under the umbrella of MWOV and is a faith based women’s gathering designed to give women a platform to find their voices and identity in Christ.  We also support women in the marketplace.  Joe and Elizabeth married in 1977 and have raised three beautiful daughters and now are the proud grandparents of seven grandchildren.  Joe farms their 40 acre hazelnut farm outside Eugene, Oregon.

One of Elizabeth’s favorite life verses is “Do not grow weary of doing good for in due season, you will see a harvest if you do not give up.”



Jill and her husband Scott have been investing in the lives of others for years through

prayer and counseling.  They have four beautiful daughters who all love to worship together.

Jill has been a worship leader at her church and also leads worship and facilitates

Eugene’s Toast the King gatherings.

Alisha Lindsey – Eugene Toast the King

Alisha Lindsey

Alisha is a true marketplace leader and joined Toast the King Eugene as a vendor.  Over the years God has moved her in the area of ministry leadership.  She is leading the TTK with Jill Purcell.

TOAST THE KING – ALBANY – Cindy Carrizales and BeBe Rail

BeBe and Cindy

Toast the King – Sugar Notch, Pennsylvania Chapter – Maggie Donnelly


Maggie Donnely

Maggie Donnelly came to her first Toast the King gathering in Salem, Oregon as a rep for her Mary Kay business.  She soon found herself doubting her beliefs as a pagen.  Through Toast the King and attending a church, she gave her life to Jesus.  She has moved back to Pennsylvania and started her own TTK chapter.  Welcome, Maggie.

Tricia Timothy – Coos Bay and Florence, Oregon

tricia timothy

Toast the King, India, Director Geeta Khora.

TTK helps women in India in the same manner as here in the states.  Women are finding their identity in Christ. Please keep this group in your prayers. Geeta is passionate about sharing the Gospel and loving women with God’s extravagant love.  Here is Geeta’s biography:

My name is Geeta khora, Daughter of Prasanta Khora, via mathili,Village Gangala, District of Malkangiri. Odisha.

I was born in a Chistian family,We are 6 members , two brother, two sister I am the eldest child for my parent. My father is a farmer and my mother is housewife. no doubt i am in Christian but i did not accept Jesus. But till Jesus loved me , He made me to study in Mission school. Still there is no change in mylife, When I was class seventh, my father asked me discontinue my studies , I was very upset , in the year 2007,24th April, night I was sitting alone, I heard a voice “DO NOT FEAR I AM HERE TO HELP YOU” Immediately i keen at Jesus, I communit my life, my studies in to his hand, on this day i accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour. I dedicated my life to do his ministry. by the grace of God i have completed my BA.

Yes mem because of financial need i am working as a teacher in a private school, I want money for my for higher studies as well as my personal purpose. I feel the presence of God when I teach at school, i used to tell the story about Jesus to my students. they share their problem with me we join together and we pray for that. every Friday one hour we few teacher spend time for prayer. I hope this also one type of ministry. I am unmarry staying alone at Malkangiri at rent house. My family are belivers . expect my father, He never go for prayer,pray for him. I have decided to follow Jesus till my death, prayer for my higher studies, my future, and for ministy. Mem i want to continue TTK ministry in Odisha please for that. I like TTK Ministry very much.”

Here are some emails from Geeta:

“Greetings to u in the name of lord saviour Jesus christ, hope u r ok. mem I have started mightywomenvision ministry in india through your encouragement with six women in my communities at butiguda Malkangiri ,Orissa. mem i am happy to start this ministry,i belive that god will lead me according to his wish,i hope that many women will see the wonder work of jesus through this ministry. mem sorry it is too late to send the picture because i don’t have any facility to mail u, i have to wait at near by shop for mail ,exteremely sorry for that. mem this the first time i mail u if it is mistake please forgive me. mem already i have attached few picture of my first ministry work at your website. . mem please pray for the ministry in India . coming days it should be benefical for many indian women. mem tomorrow i going to visit koya people near my side, the don’t know any thihg , they even don’t know how to wear clothes, pray that i should meet many women to speak with them, god should lead to speak with them. god is good. with love Miss Geeta.Orissa TTK


“praise the Lord,
Greeting to you in the matchless name of Lord and Saviour Jesus christ. Mem I am very delightful that I had women fellowship in two villages in this week. One in Gangala and another in kuruduguda Dist of Malkangiri.These people were glad to have gathering in their place. they speak odia,and Desia. Mem they are very poor, uneducated people. they liked TTK ministry very much, I hope TTK ministry will continue in India, I am encouraging them to speak for the lord , they feel shy of doing each and every thing. pray for them. In coming day they should stand for christ like you. I am trying my best to bring some women who were gone backward. pray that lord should guide me according to his will. mem few pictures I have attached here.”

Geeta is educated and is a teacher but she has chosen to give her life full time into ministry in her land. She travels into villages in her area and gathers women together and shares the Lord through Toast the King gatherings. They toast the King of Kings and Lord of Lords by raising their drinking goblets high, to the Lord and pray. They sings worship songs together. Geeta teaches them the Word of God. Women are encouraged to speak out. This is a time of training women for leadership. “RECLAIMING our voices to PROCLAIM His greatness and power from the inside out.”





Prema is a pastor with her her husband, Eliezer.  They have a church that meets on the top level of their home.  They have built another dwelling next to their home and have Living Sacrifice Orphanage, currently the home to 34 children. Prema disciples the women in the village church plants.
Prema is the South India TTK Director, leading out a gathering in Koyyalaguden and training Toast the King leaders in the villages where they start churches.
SWARNA KALA, Tanuku, India
unnamed Swarnaunnamed Tanuku
I am living in home town TANUKU.  My husband Stephen and I have two children.  We has a family, working with orphans, street kids and homeless people who have made the roads, pavements, and open spaces their home here in our town and near villages to our town.
We are committed to caring for and empowering the underprivileged and widow’s.  we are running home for orphans and elderly widow women in a rent house.
We have already run two other programs: that is seminar’s for pregnant women:  we teach prenatal care and personal healthy, pray for them, and distribute fruit and sweets to encourage them.
We conduct VBS programs in many villages.
Here is an email Swarna sent on 7-28,15:

Hello Sister Elizabeth,

     Greetings to you in the almighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I thank God for you that you are doing good and experiencing the favor and the blessing of God in your every day life.
     Some one said,  “The poorest person is not one without money or material wealthy But the poorest person in the world is one without a vision”.  For without a vision, the people perish.  Daniel had vision, Esther had vision.  Peter and Paul had vision.  Dr Martin Luther king, had a vision. He said, “I have a dream….I ‘ ve been to the mountain top…I ‘ ve seen the promised land. ” He had a vision that changed the course of history for an entire race of people.  I am really glad to be in MWOV  and share the vision for women.  We all have a vision , not one of us is born without one – a picture of our destiny.  Some thing God plans for us to do and be.  We our family, children and widow women praying for you continuously that though you many nations will be blessed.  As I already shared about my vision please pray for us and needs towards our services to poor and needy children and widows to be met. We really need a vehicle for the children go to school and for the ministry.   I request you to kindly pray that God should open the widows of heaven and meet these needs miraculously and raise up partners  who would come forward to help us in this regard. Please pray for that we may have a good vehicle.  May the lord bless you richly according to his riches in glory please send me your prayer to my mail.
yours in Christ,
BETTY WODILA, Tororo,IMG_2227 Uganda Uganda

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