We are partnering with Wendy Elerick who is from Ashland but is now living in Malawi.  Her story is incredible and inspiring.  She spent her first 10 years in Malawi and South Africa.  Her parents were missionaries during those years and her mother passed away and was buried in Malawi.

Throughout life, Wendy had a heart for Malawi and wanted to someday find her mother’s grave.  That reality came into being and she found herself in the village her parents once were and where they started a church.  An old woman came out to greet her along with a picture she had kept over 40 years of Wendy and her mother.  The woman told Wendy she had been praying all these years for someone to come back and start up the work her parents started.  Wendy knew that person was herself!

Wendy now lives as a missionary finishing the work her parents started in a village in Malawi.  Wendy was given the same land that was given to her parents to build a house.

Wendy’s church helped raise funds to start building a church once again.  Mighty Women of Vision sent in the funds to finish the church with a roof.  Thousands of bricks were made by hand by the villagers to build the church.