Covenant Kiss

Beloved sons and daughters, I embrace you with a covenant kiss each morning to start out our day together. As a loving Father, I want you to experience my glory, protection and provision. My heart cry is to perfect, establish, strengthen and settle you. You were created to receive my blessings.

I only correct and rerout you when I see you journeying on the world’s path that leads ultimately to disaster and pain. I start with warning signs of “slow down,” “curvey roads,” “dead end” and “rock slides”. Be alert for my signs and wonders. Open your spiritual eyes and ears for I am speaking to the eyes of your heart because I see what is up ahead. I want to keep you safe and protected from the harms of this world. Listen and keep your eyes alert for the warnings. I will be faithful to give you warning signs but it is up to you to choose to turn around or continue. Do you see and hear My voice?

My desire is for you to make a U turn when you see the danger signs. If you don’t, I will allow some events and circumstances to capture your heart’s attention. My heart always has pain when I see you suffer through a trial. The pain you experience is not my desire but the result and consequences from being out from under and away from my wings. The wages of sin brings death. I am with you to bring life, redemption, restoration and wisdom. I am always teaching so you will grow and be sanctified. Glory to glory I lead you to walk as I walk.

I place a crown upon your head at birth and delight as I see you grow into your call of royalty and purpose.

I love you with an ever lasting love, Abba Papa

I Peter 5:10, “May the God of all grace, who called us to His eternal glory, after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen and settle you.”crown

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