Holy Spirit is more than Power

We are made in God’s image, thus, we are made up of spirit and soul (mind, will and emotions), so it must mean God has a mind, will and emotion, right? God came in the flesh through the Word, Jesus, and Jesus told His disciples that when He left, He would send them the comforter, the Holy Spirit. This is where we get a tri-une God, God head or better known as the Trinity – God three in one.

Have you ever thought about the Holy Spirit having a mind, will and emotions or do you think only of power and a miracle working force?

When we look at the Holy Spirit more than a power machine and see a personal, relational, loving spirit dwelling in us who wants fellowship and oneness with us, it changes everything.

We actually can grieve the Holy Spirit when we live for self and not for the Lord. The Holy Spirit does not leave us when we choose to do things our own way and walk in rebellion but we do break fellowship, causing a hindrance of the power flowing attribute of the Spirit’s life within in.

If you want a closer walk and manifestation of the Holy Spirit in your life, ask if there be any sin, hindrance or blockage. Sin causes fellowship to be broken with the Holy Spirit. When we are honest and repent of areas that are from selfish pursuits, the relationship starts flowing again and Holy Spirit’s power is reactivated. Our spiritual senses are more empowered so we can see in the spiritual realm more keenly, hear His voice much louder, smell His sweet presence, taste His goodness and touch people with God’s love and healing release.416091

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