The Measure of Maturity

One of the measures of maturity and leadership is staying neutral416091 and not forming an alliance with a friend or person who confides with you and shares an offense they have taken on. Taking up another’s offense is taking up unforgiveness, resentment and judgment toward another as a second party without hearing the other side of the story. There’s always two sides to a story. A victim mentality wants others to take up an alliance with their drama but that isn’t true friendship or maturity. Maturity says, “I’ll pray for you to quickly shake off the offense and move back into the call of your destiny. While you’re feeling the hurt, continue to serve others and it will get you over your offense quicker.” Maturity does not fan the flames with more inflammatory remarks. Maturity helps bring healing and glory to God. Let’s be part of healing the body of Christ and not licking wounds.

2 thoughts on “The Measure of Maturity

  1. Such a good word! I can use this right now, and will ask the Lord to remind me to follow His commands more closely when in an offense situation or listening to other’s offenses.
    Thank you!

  2. If all believers followed this principle we would be much closer to the unity our Lord wanted for us. Thanks for sharing Elizabeth

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