Don’t Let Your Dreams Shrivel

Has something in your life shriveled up and you are unable to reach out and grab hold of what the Lord has promised you?

A shriveled arm has no muscle or movement. To move an arm that is in a shriveled state would be painful and hard.

In the spiritual realm, we have dreams and promises that shrivel. It takes FAITH to reawaken the shriveled dream to come back to life for it to be stretched forth into reality.

Luke 6:6-11 tells of the story of a man with a shriveled arm. Jesus spoke these words, “Stretch out your hand” and the man’s arm was completely restored.

It took FAITH to believe the Words of Jesus and it took ACTION. I can only imagine there was pain that accompanied the effort by the man but he listened and heard the Words of Jesus and pressed through the pain.

When Jesus speaks to you through the written Word, listen, hear, apply and do by the power of the Holy Spirit and by faith see your shriveled dreams come back to life. Keep on dreaming and keep on trying. Never give up

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