Knowledge is Freedom

Have you ever thought what it would be like to be illiterate? Can you fathom the fact that education is not offered to girls and women in some parts of the world? Pakistan is one of the most illiterate countries of Asia for girls and women where 2/3’s of females are illiterate. In fact, there are some areas where education of girls is prohibited on religious grounds.

What can you do to help a girl or woman in Pakistan get into an education literacy program? Mighty Women of Vision is partnering with Grace Church in Pakistan to start the change. Reading and speaking go hand in hand so Toast the King will be implemented along with the program. Our funds will go toward books, supplies and opening centers in villages.

To personally get involved, please go to and donate. Your donations are tax deductible. Please ear tag for Pakistan literacy program.11205510_810199732403083_5317019940174734406_n Pakistan

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