Purposeful Giving Delights the Heart

I’ve seen givers in operation and they never run short at the end of the month. They have created a culture of giving within 4.An aged women 15.While drilling the bore 18.Happy bathing 20.Collecting drinking water by village women IMG_2227 Ugandaand have learned a key about kingdom finances. We can never out give God. Whatever is given is given back and multiplied.

MWOV is a conduit for giving in many ways. We have partnered with other local ministries over the past 6 years and now we are expanding our vision and partnering across the oceans. We have been divinely connected with India and Uganda.

We raise funds for India so remote villages can have a bore well to supply fresh, clean, uncontaminated water. This saves lives in more ways than one; spiritual and physical. We partner with Living Sacrifice Ministries from India.

Also, we have established an orphanage/boarding home for “True Orphans” and “Child Brides” in Tororo, Uganda called Ebenezer House of Vision Orphange. We need beds for the new orphans/young teen girls and need more sponsors for each child ($35.00 a month).

Our local fundraiser for 2015 in Eugene, Oregon is for Branches of Valor (coming along side vets and their families, bringing healing for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Mark your calendar for our May 9th event at Camp Harlow. Start getting in shape for a boot camp style obstacle course challenge.

For some, giving has not become a lifestyle; but that can all change by practice and awareness. Giving doesn’t need to leave you in need. Giving a little here and there is how a person creates a culture of giving and breaks the grip of greed.

If you have taken the time to read all of this, I ask you, “Can I count on you to give $5.00 or more toward either our Living Water Well Fund or our Orphan/Child Bride Fund?

Donations can be made at mightywomenofvision.com or a check to MWOV can be sent to PO Box 42115, Eugene, Or 97404. We are a non-profit (501 (c) 3. We do not have staff salaries so your money goes where you want it to go! Please prayerfully consider giving and you will see your life take on new meaning and purpose.


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