Pick up Your Dreams, Visions, Heart and Passion!

axe headPick up Your Dreams, Vision, Heart and Passion

Do you feel your dream, vision, passion or heart is lying in the bottom of the lake? Have you played a part of the loss with procrastination, half-hearted efforts or thinking tomorrow will be the day? Elisha and a company of men went to the Jordan to expand and build. As they were cutting trees, one of the men lost his metal axe head in the water and it sunk. A supernatural event took place as Elisha threw a stick into the water and the axe head floated to the top. Elisha instructed the man to lift it out of the water (2 Kings 6). Sometimes it takes a supernatural event to resurrect our dreams and passions.

Another example is found in the story of Haggai as he stirred up passion and enthusiasm in the men to get them started again with their assignment to rebuild the temple. King Cyrus sent Zerubbabel and Joshua back to Jerusalem with 45,000 people to rebuild the temple.
They started out with great gusto, fervency and anticipation. Within the first year they rebuilt the altar and foundation. However, great opposition came from within and out which halted their efforts. The people soon lost their dream, passion and vision and started building their own homes and saying, “It’s not the right time.” The people poured their ambitions and energies into building their own lives. Sixteen years later, the prophet Haggai was raised up to stir up the people to once again get them working on what was most important: rebuilding God’s house. God gave Zerubbabel a signet ring to encourage him not to worry that he got off-track and that he had lost the vision and dream for sixteen years.

Hope says get up and get going today. Make it a now day and pick up your axe dream, vision and passion, even if it has lain at the bottom of the lake for the past sixteen years.

It is never too late to resurrect your dream, ministry, passion and vision.

Blessings, Elizabeth, Founder and President of Mighty Women of Vision/Author and Speaker

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