Ouch! Are These Birthing Pains?

birthingAre you having birthing pains today? Seriously, that’s a good thing. Birthing pains are signaling light is about to come. The end of the barren and desert journey is about over.
Birthing pains represent the end of a long, awaited dream to be birthed. Much happens between the conception and implantation of the dream seed and the arrival. Dreams and desires start in a dark but perfect environment of warmth and nutrients of creativity.

The beginning of any dream is filled with excitement and anticipation, but then there is the waiting time, the middle, the hardest part of the journey. The beginning and end of any dream is filled with excitement because hope is present. Unfortunately, there is a middle to every time line and the middle is filled with the waiting and longing. Since most of life is in the waiting period we had better learn to enjoy the wait. It’s in the wait we often get stuck and discouraged. It’s at this stage of development, when we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s here where our dreams can get derailed and we start wondering and doubting if the dream will ever come to full term.

The question is, “Are we really waiting on God, or in actuality, is He waiting on us?” God does a lot of work and development in the dark, warm, perfect environment of the womb of the wait time.
It’s in the womb that our dreams are being aligned with God’s plans and not our plans. It’s in the quiet dark places that our character takes shape, being sifted and shifted into His image and not ours.

Hannah had a barren womb causing her to have a depressed heart and discouraged mind. She was waiting and waiting on the Lord to fill her womb with a son to hand over to her husband, however, God was waiting for her to have a mind shift and align with His plans. God had a bigger plan. God was waiting on Hannah to give Israel a prophet.

When her spirit and soul lined up with God’s plans, He gave her the desires of her heart and she birthed Samuel, the prophet and leader of Israel. Because of her heart to do God’s will, she was blessed with many children. You can never out-give God.

Learning, training, preparing, shifting, aligning, and gaining wisdom all happens in the barren, desert seasons of our walk with God. The dark places and colors of life create depth of character, creating the masterpiece God intended our lives to be.

As we wait on God, He is doing a mighty work within us, making adjustments so we can manage and administrate well our next promotion. He is patient with us as He waits for us to get aligned with His extravagant plans and incomprehensible love for us. It’s all worth waiting for.

So, if you are feeling those birthing pains increasing, know you are on the verge of a major breakthrough and the light of a new day is about to dawn. The dream you are birthing is not just for you but for the kingdom and raising up the next generation of Kingdom seekers. Embrace the middle part of your dreams and plans and know God is at work creating something very miraculous and life altering for you and others. Wait on the Lord.

“Wait for the Lord. Be strong and let your heart take courage. yes, wait for the Lord,” Psalm 27:14.

Heavenly Father, You have a marvelous plan for each of us. Encourage our hearts to wait on You, knowing in the wait, much is happening. Our desire is to wait and let You have Your perfect will of aligning us into Your image and desires. Thank you for giving us the desires of our hearts so we can birth glory for Your name. In Jesus name, we pray, and surrender our ways to Yours.

Founder and President of Mighty Women of Vision, Author and Speaker

The above photo is in this attachment. Interestingly, the article says that labour last longer for those who are nervous about it–maybe another message here. http://www.thehealthage.com/2012/06/labour-lasts-longer-for-nervous-mothers/

2 thoughts on “Ouch! Are These Birthing Pains?

  1. Elizabeth, do not be discouraged for lack of responses. These are being read and they are so very good. Your message and encouragements go right to the heart.

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