Are You Ready to Hear From God?

We are thrilled with the incredible women and the topics of their messages for the MWOV Portland Flames of Fire Conference October 26th & 27th. Take a peek at the line up of messages:

                                                                                                                                                                   Keynote Messangers/Messages

Soorin Backer 

Fires of Destiny

How can you be sure that God has a plan for your life?  God promises in His Word that He has a “future and a hope” for you.  Being confident of this promise sees us through the trials of fire.  There’s hidden mysteries in God’s Word that reveal His ways of fulfilling His promises.  Let’s explore some of these biblical mysteries.

Kerri Kenyon


HEBREWS 12:1-2

The Word of God clearly states that bitterness and unforgiveness are schemes of the enemy to destroy us. Kerri will teach us how to break free from the pain of our captivity and fan the flames of fire to live an unfettered life for the glory of God.

Vicki Norris

Awakening to Victorious Living

Most of the church today is asleep. We are overwhelmed, numb, and going through the motions. We know what we have been saved FROM but not saved INTO. We are operating on an evacuation plan (hanging on ‘till heaven) instead of God’s intendedoccupation plan (sons & daughters fulfilling His covenant on earth).

Vicki Norris has a fire burning inside to release the Kingdom reality into the Body of Christ. Using modern day parables and revelatory insight into how God designed things to work, Vicki makes a case for the Kingdom that will rearrange everything you thought about your faith.

Courtney Martin

A Lifestyle of Revival

Jesus is a live so what are we waiting for? Learn how to listen close to catch the heart of the culture of constant revival. Revival is a reality.

Boot Camps

Wende Jones

Chosen, Created and Called …. Predestined for Greatness!

Understanding our identity in Christ so we may step into and fulfill our purpose.


Linda Schellenberg

Got Joy?

How do we access this unspeakable joy that the Bible talks about?  Is the “good news” really good news?  Linda teaches some simple practical tools to keep you experiencing the abundant life that Jesus promised.

Leslie Leland

Precious Daughters—Occupy in the Name of Jesus!

The “violent take it by force!” (Matthew 11:12)

Learn to possess the land that you are given through prayer and action

Bertie Church

Precious Daughters—Healing and Miracles are for Today!

Come be activated to take Jesus’ message of wholeness and healing to your family, neighborhood and community as signs and wonders will follow!

Paige Norfleet

Practical Tools for Spiritual Warfare

Discussing identity, authority, intimacy, weapons of warfare and the atmosphere of heaven. These sessions are always a time of teaching as well as open discussion.

Kathie Nelson

The Business Strategy of YOU!

Turn who you are and what you know into real money. Your talents, strengths, and chutzpah create an experience for others. Learn to identify the unique ingredients to your own secret sauce, resources to find the hottest selling outcomes, and a guide to help you connect you to the right audience to monetize your idea.  What are you waiting for?  Find your missing piece.


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