Awakening to Victorious Living–Vicki Norris–Topic & Sample

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Awakening to Victorious Living

Vicki Norris

Most of the church today is asleep. We are overwhelmed, numb, and going through the motions. We know what we have been saved FROM but not saved INTO. We are operating on an evacuation plan (hanging on ‘till heaven) instead of God’s intendedoccupation plan (sons & daughters fulfilling His covenant on earth).

Vicki Norris has a fire burning inside to release the Kingdom reality into the Body of Christ. Using modern day parables and revelatory insight into how God designed things to work, Vicki makes a case for the Kingdom that will rearrange everything you thought about your faith.

Buckle up and learn:

  • What the Kingdom is (and is not) and why it changes everything
  • About your righteousness transferred to you through Christ
  • How you’ve been ripped off and have been living with only PART of your inheritance
  • The enemy’s plan to hijack the perception of your identity
  • The reality of Jesus restoring the Kingdom
  • The real-time availability of “Garden Living” and fulfilling God’s business
  • Our royal status as members of God’s household

For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, this compelling case for the Kingdom gospel will uproot false beliefs and transplant listeners into victorious living!

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