Appreciate One Another

Mighty Women of Vision has been ministering to women in the Eugene/Springfield area and beyond for five years now.  Today I learned about the growing process of the bamboo tree.  Year one, two, three, and four, the bamboo tree grows consistently two inches per year.  Bammmmm, watch out, during the fifth year, it grows eighty feet tall.  This is our year of favor.  We have been chasing after God and have been so blessed to be part of His kingdom work to bring revival and unity to the Body of Christ.

Recently, the Lord gave me a picture of a wagon wheel with ten spokes coming off the center HUB – Humility, Unity and Boldness – as I was sharing with a friend what MWOV was up to and all about.  It amazes me where we are today and where we have come.   We started with hosting a Garden Party fund raiser for The Eugene Mission’s Women’s Center.  We continued through the following year with Saturday Morning of Inspiration gatherings where we invited a local or global ministry to come in and share with us.  We quickly grew from raising funds and items for ministries into launching women retreats, conferences and now a school, Fresh Release School of Ministry.  The Lord has provided us with a House of Vision Center for our school and other meetings.  At our center we have a Healing Ministry, weekly prayer for MWOV and other classes.  Each week we find ourselves on KWIL 790 am, Saturday morning at 10:00 am and Sunday afternoon at 3:00 pm with our show Empowering Hearts.  We want to be known as givers.  The areas of giving include a monthly gift to our guest speaker at Saturday Morning of Inspiration, a local church, a like-minded ministry (Beyond Us) and our Visiting Widows Fund.  We believe we will eventually have mission trips and conferences in other nations.

We are fascinated by God and His perfect love for His daughters and sons.  We want to love like He loves and carry His presence wherever we are called.

Again, I appreciate all of you! And for those who have been curious about this group of women who center their lives on Jesus, come check us out and be blessed.

Many women have been touched by this ministry.  I want to personally thank every woman who has checked out our ministry and have become involved.  You are so valuable and an integral part of this ministry.  Visionaries start ministries but they cannot grow their ministry without the Body of Christ serving together.  Each person is necessary to complete the circle of UNITY.  Your gifts have touched one another’s hearts.  We come together to equip and empower women to be the hands, feet, heart and voice of Jesus.

Again, I appreciate all of you! And for those of you who have been curious about this group of women who adore and center their lives on Jesus, come check us out and be blessed.


Elizabeth – founder and president of MWOV

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