What Does a Wheel and Mighty Women of Vision Have in Common: A Hub and Spokes!

Mighty Women of Vision: The Wheel


Imagine if you will, a wheel, replete with multiple spokes and a central hub. The hub has three attributes from which all of the spokes extend out. They are unity, humility, and boldness. Can you see them? They are all within the hub, and unity is the most prominent of them all.

Now there are multiple spokes on this wheel and possibly more spokes to be added in the future.  Some of the spokes are fully engaged and others are new in the wheel.

The spokes are:

  • Prayer Ministry
  • Fresh Release School of Ministry
  • Healing Ministry
  • Conferences
  • Retreats
  • Giving
  • Releasing Gifts
  • Missions
  • Annual Garden Party Fundraiser/other Fundraisers
  • Monthly Spotlight Ministry
  • Monthly Community of Unity Gatherings
  • Radio Program
  • Chapters
  • Mentoring
  • Launching Platform for Women




 And, Do You Know How Mighty Women of Vision Gives?


As individuals, businesses, and organizations give to MWOV the organization is able to give out. Giving is of great importance to the further kingdom work and therefore an emphasis taken both joyously and seriously by MWOV.

This is how the giving portion of the monthly budget is divided:


  1. Monthly Spotlighted Ministry Fund—The chosen ministry for Morning of Inspiration (monthly) leaves with a financial blessing.
  2. Beyond Us Fund—A like-minded ministry chosen each month.
  3. Visiting Widows Fund—For struggling widows.
  4. Local Church—An area church is chosen to gift (and pray for) each month.

These are all in the monthly budget for giving. MWOV also partners with fundraisers for area organizations. This is done through the Annual Garden Party and other ways as the Lord leads.

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