“Cita, Cita”…Appointments & Rendez-vous

It has happened a couple times now. I am not a person who loves mornings.  I like the night life (haha). Rather, I am a night owl. Even though I can get up and do things in the mornings my brain does not accompany me for the first hour or coffee. I admire those who get up and go right into a deep time in the Word and meet with God. I can pick up my Bible, and I do, but it takes a lot to break through my fog on too many days. 

I love words. They captivate me and grab my curiosity. I delight in hearing a new word in usage and if I can remember it, I’ll go home and find out what it means, chew on it a while, and then implement it at my first opportunity. 

One morning at the end of last year, I awoke and I heard a word that sounded like “cita.” It was like a quiet call and it seemed like it was God. I heard it again–“ceeeta.” My curiosity caused me to awaken quickly. I knew that I didn’t recognize the word but I went to search for it in the English dictionary. No luck. It sounded like it could be Spanish so I went to a translating site and I found “cita.” I knew then that God was calling me to meet with Him. He used my love of words to draw me in a whimsical fashion to Himself. This happened again a few months later. 

cita [thee’-tah] noun

1.Appointment, engagement, a meeting appointed; rendez-vous.
This story has kept coming back to me again and again in the last few days. I think God is calling us to meet with Him more.  It is so easy to just run with our busy lives. I share this because MWOV would like to invite you to take time to meet with God at the Flames of Fire Conference on August 10th-12th. Meeting with God is really what it is all about. The speakers and teachers are preparing and listening for the words of hope, encouragement, healing, and refreshment that God wants to give to all of us. I know He will be meeting with us there. “Cita–cita…”
(Annette Trucke)

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