Do You Allow Yourself Time to Meet With God?

Life is busy and there are so many things to grab our time and attention. We all understand that these days. And, sometimes we just get comfortable in our routines. When is the last time you’ve set a good amount of time aside to meet with God? Do you know that God wants your attention–my attention? He loves us! And, He deserves our attention–I mean, He is God.

When we love someone we want to spend time with them.

We have been praying for the MWOV Princess Warriors Flames of Fire Conference and that those who are meant to come will not let anything stop them. We are praying women will be restored, refreshed, and rekindled in there relationship with God and with others–and for a coming together, a unity of women who follow Christ in our community.

All of the Boot Camp session choices have relationships as their theme in one way or another. We have some great teachers who are praying to speak words that honor God and that will build up women. These women, along with Dawn O’Brien, Courtney Martin, and Soorin Backer are preparing and partnering with God to bless you!

Boot Camp Speakers and Topics:

1.   Mary Cross—Igniting Intimacy in Marriage
2.   Kaytie Fiedler—Freedom from the Teenage Battles
3.   Laurie Smucker—The Power of His Glory Breaks Shame
4.   Paige Norfleet—Foundational Keys to Spiritual Warfare
5.   Wende Jones—Chosen, Created, and Called—Our Identity in Christ
6.   Kristy Taylor—Contagious Passion: Pressing In
7.   Leslie MacLaggan—Abba Father—Passing the Torch
We hope to see you there!

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