Can You Spot the Truth?

Image As you read the following five points see if you can think of a scripture that supports each truth. I will challenge you that they are abundantly found in God’s Word. These are faith statements spoken about in a Friday night service (May 11, 2012) at Bethel Church in Redding, California by Steve Backlund. If you haven’t already read any of his books or heard his teachings I strongly recommend you do so. He is hilarious in his delivery and sharp with the Sword.  As he spoke about each statement below he mockingly turned each one to a counter belief, and he had fun with it!  I put the opposites in parenthesis.

#1  There is always a solution. (There will never be a solution.)

If our brains don’t think there is a solution they won’t look for one. If we don’t pray, we may not receive.

#2  I will always know what to do. (I will never know what to do.)

I can think of several scriptures off the top of my head for this one. But, do I always practice them like I should? I’m sure not perfect with this one.

#3  I will succeed in everything I do—high level belief. (I will never succeed at anything.)

Success is and is not many things. Steve challenged us that it is a state of mind? Do you agree?

#4  I will always have what I need to do what needs to be done. (I will never have what I need to do what I need to do.)

Scriptures strongly support that we will. But, do you panic or give up when you don’t see the supplies coming down the track?

#5  My past will always be turned to good in the future. (My past will never produce anything good in the future.)

Honestly, each and every one of us could walk around in shame or despair for something we have done in our past that we would change if we could. Yet the Word says something different about our past and don’t we know countless stories that say otherwise also? 

Sometimes we need to look at our thoughts from the opposing view. Doing this may cause us to laugh!

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