Princess Warriors Flames of Fire Conference

Jesus is deity, King of Kings and is superior to the created angels.  The angels were created to worship and serve Him.  Hebrews 1:7 says, “He makes His angels winds (spirits), His servants flames of fire.

We also are called servants or flames of fire.  In the book of Revelation we are told the angels instructed John to stand up and not bow before them because they were fellow servants.

The theme for our 2nd Princess Warrior Conference is “Flames of Fire.”  As ambassadors or servants of Heaven, we have been positioned on earth to be torch bearers.  We are to carry the presence of Jesus who is the light of the world.  Are you a smoldering ember or a raging fire?

The book of Leviticus is about holiness written to the Levites who were chosen to be priests.  We also are a “Chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God”, I Peter 2:9.  The first chapters in Leviticus were instructions,  procedures and the protocol for sacrifices and offerings to be carried out by the priests.  The final chapters end with instructions on the feasts or celebrations for the Israelites.  This is good for us to remember the next time we are going through the protocol of sacrifices and offerings in our life.  The problem causes great pain and sacrifice at the onset but ends in a great feast of celebration.

God sent His authorized fire down from heaven to burn at the altar.  The priests, Aaron and his sons were to keep the fire going day and night and never let it go out, Leviticus 6.  Aaron’s sons Nadab and Abihu took their censers of “strange” fire or “unauthorized” fire before the Lord and were consumed, Leviticus 10.  

The sons were carrying their own fire, not the fire that was sent down from Heaven.  If we are burning with our own fire of passion and striving for self glory, we are going to get burned.  

God is a jealous God for us.  He wants us to be passionate and on fire for Him.  Elijah went before the people and said, “How long will you waver between two opinions?”  Elijah had a stand off and built an altar and said, “The god who answers by fire – he is God.”  The prophets of Baal ranted and raved for fire but there was no response.  Elijah stepped in and prayed and fire of the Lord fell and consumed the altar, 1 Kings 18:20-38.

God uses fire to burn away impurities.  Romans 12:1 tells us, we are to offer our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God.  This is a form of worship.  We are not to let our flames of fire burn out day or night in the temple within us.  We are the temple of the Holy Spirit.  The Word and breath of the Holy Spirit is the fuel and oxygen to keep the flames burning.

Farmers understand the principle of fire burning away the impurities of the land at the end of the growing season.  Field burning readies the land for the following growing season, ridding the land of pests, disease, stubble, and weed seed.  The ashes are plowed into the soil as a fertilizer improving the condition of the soil.

We, as servants of the Lord, are called to be torch bearers for His Kingdom work here on earth.  We are to carry our torches high to illuminate the pathway to Heaven.  We are to be contagious wild fires igniting the hearts of others.  We are to invest time into a friend’s field that has become overgrown with weeds and pestilence.  We are to extend our torch and set the field on fire.  We are to keep our fire burning night and day without ceasing.  

We are Flames of Fire!    

Founder and President of

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