Here’s Your Chance!

How about sharing a snippet about a memorable Mighty Women of Vision moment this past year? What can we thank God for before we jump into the new year? For me (Annette) I have a humongous thank you list that started with a MWOV retreat. I loaded up with a bunch of women that I hardly knew and headed up to Mt. Hood for a weekend. I came back with some new friends (God connections) and a new energy and hope in the Lord. That was just the start. It has been a fantastic year! So, how about you?

4 thoughts on “Here’s Your Chance!

  1. The Lord’s favor and touch on Mighty Women of Vision has far exceeded my thoughts and imagination. God is so good. He has brought women together from over 30 churches in this past year with the same heart of unity with the desire to serve Him. Unity comes in many forms. Unity is not conformity but diversity, heading in the same direction for a common cause and for Mighty Women of Vision that direction is Jesus Christ. I want to take a moment to give a heart felt thank you for all the women and men (our God-given covering) who have been involved. Thank you for the many prayers that opened the way for our yearly Garden Party, conference, retreat, our monthly Morning Inspiration Gathering and our weekly Bible Study, prayer and Koinonia Night. A huge thank you for all those who financially supported our nonprofit ministry so we can be Kingdom givers. Blessings, Elizabeth

  2. I first got to know MWOV at the Sept. 2011 conference. Kerry Kenyon’s ministry of helping me with forgiveness lifted a huge weight from my heart and spirit. Then a week later as Soorin and Tinker ministered to me in prayer there was again much healing and freedom from an addiction to sugar, which had been a life long struggle. I continue to walk in these freedoms, growing in my walk with Christ and am greatly blessed by the wisdom and love of our Lord in the hearts of the women of MWOV. Thank you!!

  3. I heard many positive comments about Elizabeth and MWOV before I ever attended the Sep. 2011 conference. The conference was most excellent … a life changing experience. The speakers were both so good and after I asked Soorin to pray with me. She was quickly able to get to the root of an answer I was seeking. I had been asking God for the root issue of something I was dealing with and although the incident that caused the problem didn’t come to me until I was walking out to my car, Soorin was able to point out how that incident had affected me most of my life. I then began attending the Bible study led my Tinker, which has been such a blessing. Thank you and I know God will continue to bless you all.

  4. Love everyone I had met, such a blessing from the Lord and the work he is doing through everyone who is willing to be used. Thanks to everyone Carolyn Denton

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