Lessons from the Bamboo Tree

You may wonder if things will every change, if you will every have your growth spurts or experience the Godly desires of your heart. The following is taken from Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose Driven Church (1995, pp. 393-4). I will start  mid-paragraph with, “Plant a bamboo sprout in the ground, and for four or five years (sometimes much longer) nothing happens! You water and fertilize–but you see no visible evidence that anything is happening. Nothing! But about the fifth year things change rather dramatically. In a six-week period the Chinese bamboo tree grows to be a staggering ninety feet tall! World Book Encyclopedia records that one bamboo plant can grow three feet in a single twenty-four hour period.”

If you are in a place where it seems like nothing is happening keep watering and fertilizing yourself with the Word of God and stick close to Him. And wait–wait and see what the Lord will do! 

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