On the conference…

I almost liken the results of the Mighty Women of Vision Princess Warriors—Front & Center Conference, held on September 17th to the ripple effect of a large stone thrown into the center of a pond—the ringlets of waves going out in all directions. I am hearing and experiencing those ripples—rather waves, passing through one to another, availing healing and new freedoms to women.  God is moving in mighty ways—or waves.

Yet, the analogy is not correct. At some point ripples or waves dissipate; they cease. Not so with God’s work. It is unstoppable, and immeasurable.

The Truth, which was spoken boldly of at the conference was as a charge being led out. Women take your freedom! Walk in your forgiveness, strip off the shame, and no longer believe the lies of the enemy. Know Truth.  Walk ladies, in freedom and in purpose and take back all that belongs to you: peace, joy, freedom, relationships, faith, hope, finances, etc.

I am thankful that God is involved in the processes of life. Not one of us has to be perfect for God to lavish us with His love and salvation. In fact, He loves us right where we are at, covered in His righteousness. But, doesn’t God’s Word offer more than what we have been walking in? You know, the fears, confusion, anxiety, and disharmony. This was the call of the conference: Take what is yours women. Soak in God’s Word and own it as your own.

Thanks go out to all of those who helped with the conference—those who prayed, planned, worked behind the scenes, those who gave their time at the registration table, who took care of ticket sales, promotions, and gift bags, to those who led worship, who cleaned up, those who served refreshments, who made signs, who greeted, who budgeted and paid the bills, who taught, and to those who spoke the Word with boldness. The conference would not have come together without ALL of you and others who partnered with the Holy Spirit on behalf of the women who attended. Thank you!

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