New logo, new name, Women of Vision has now become Mighty Women of Vision!

As Women of Vision began the process of becoming a 501(3)c non profit organization it was discovered that there was another organization with the same name–thus the name change to Mighty Women of Vision.  About the same time it seemed like God started doing many new things and has us women “stretching out the tent cords” and embracing greater and more varied assignments of service and freedom to become just as God has designed us and for His purposes.

The upcoming conference is designed to encourage women to no longer fear stretching into their callings, but rather equip and go forth. We hope that all of you will grab another lady–young or old, and join us for Princess Warriors–Front & Center Conference. Along with the featured speakers there will also be an hour and a half of Boot Camp Sessions (workshops). These sessions will allow ladies to either take one or two “Boot Camps” on a topic that tugs at their heart–and their heart’s desire.  Have you ever wanted to try out a worship dance class? Do you think you could use some more equipping when it comes to event planning? Are you a writer at heart and journaling calls to you? The selection of Boot Camp sessions are designed to help those of us who have been a bit timid about our desires to do something new or, something long dreamed off. Equipping and experimentation is empowering–especially as the Lord leads.

The conference will be a great time of hearing the Lord, being encouraged and ministered to, and allowing ourselves to be challenged in an environment of loving women who all have the same loving Father.

3 thoughts on “New logo, new name, Women of Vision has now become Mighty Women of Vision!

    • I love your excitement! It is going to be an awesome conference! You can buy your tickets online from this site or you can mail your check/money order to the address listed–and don’t forget to list the “Boot Camp(s)” you would like to attend. Just see the tabs at the top of the home page for tickets. We look forward to seeing you there!

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