Mighty Women of Vision

“Equipping and empowering women to be the hands, feet, heart and voice of Jesus.”

Mighty Women of Vision: The Story…

In 2008 Elizabeth Thompson conceptualized and captured the vision for Mighty Women of Vision. Elizabeth based the concept and need on a teaching she heard from Ezekiel 37—the story of God breathing life back into the dry bones.  Her God-inspired desire was to facilitate a spiritual awakening and revival through facilitating unity in the body of Christ. The desire to remove denominational boundary lines and to foster unity would become the foundation of Mighty Women of Vision.

Mighty Women of Vision began with a group of women gathering in Elizabeth ’s home for a Bible study. They endeavored to host a Garden Party to benefit a local faith-based organization by spotlighting them to the community and assisting the ministry through helps or financial means. The now Annual Garden Party is an event which has worship music, local dancing groups, excellent goodies, beautifully set tables, and a presentation of the highlighted ministry.  

The Mighty Women of Vision group continued after the first Garden Party to meet monthly and invite a selected ministry to come and speak about their particular ministry to a Saturday morning group called, “Morning Inspirations.” This gives the ministries increased exposure, potential volunteers, and financial support while expanding unity and community. Annually the leadership chooses which of the ministries presented in the monthly meeting to become the benefactors of the Annual Garden Party and a second group to be spotlighted at the MWOV Annual Princess Warriors Conference.

The mission of Mighty Women of Vision is “equipping and empowering women to become the hands, feet, heart, and voice of Jesus.”  Therefore, education and inspiration have led to the formation of Fresh Release School of Ministry. Various teachers present biblically based teachings which bring healing and purpose to women, thus allowing them to pursue their God-given aspirations and visions.

Mighty Women of Vision understands that women can gather in unity even though biblical doctrine may be dissimilar in some ways. MWOV strives to focus on core Christian beliefs and doctrine while allowing God’s grace and love to cover the peripherals of the Christian faith. They have found that the many Christian women joining together create a unique, beautiful, and dynamic group. Importantly, bridging church denominations at the local level paints a wonderful picture for the community as they see the body of Christ in action and unity.

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This is an intro to Mighty Women of Vision with a snippet of a Morning of Inspiration gathering and snippets from an Annual Garden Party. http://youtu.be/OJRLvEdboA0